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17 November 2005

no more tnsnames

with netca, it is easy to configure your sqlnet.ora to use LDAP instead of tnsnames.ora. The ldap.ora and sqlnet.ora are updated... than it works, sqlplus user@db is correctly looking in the ldap oracle content


Anonymous Francois said...

Couls you, please, give more information on how to configure this feature ?

18/11/05 07:05  
Blogger Radoslav Rusinov said...

Francois, may be the following two documents can be useful for you:

18/11/05 07:54  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

Did you try netca? I just clicked Directory, chose the context, and next, next, next. Than it works. Am I too much lucky?

Of course you need to have a running directory ;-)

18/11/05 08:56  
Anonymous Francois said...

Thank you all, for this precision.

18/11/05 10:04  

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