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12 November 2005

Chinese Chess

In case you like this game and live in Zurich, I will be playing the swiss championship tomorrow.


Anonymous Colin said...

Good Luck!

13/11/05 03:42  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

it worked well, I am now swiss champion ;-)

13/11/05 19:26  
Anonymous Colin said...

Now take on the Chinese and become World Champion!!! ;)

15/11/05 07:02  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

;-) once a chinese told that he never meet such a weak player as me, and it is very unusual and definitely desesperated to learn this game after the age of five...

15/11/05 08:58  
Anonymous Colin said...

Oh... That is just psychological intimiation!

15/11/05 12:01  

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