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27 October 2005


still no water at home...
hopefully, one of my collegue (Manuel) organised a beer party in the bank of zurich. Well, 8 o'clock, nobody around, I assume the beers he left have to be drunk before they got warm.

Parallely, I am trying to clone oracle homes with grid. No chance!

I could well try tomorrow, but I think I am better here sitting and playing with this grid control.

OK... let's try once again. Where is this damned stupid "clone oracle home" button?

I must tell you that I found 10g grid control not intuitive at all. It is miserable how much menus you have to browse until you find what you are looking for! If you tried OEMGC, you know what I am talking about...

What should I do? Give up or have a last try (and a last beer)?

guess what, I took a beer.

Ok, I found a link!

but there is not the 10g agent oracle home I am looking for here! I am going to get nervous...

I wished I knew Doug email address! My partner by rac was such a good companion!

Well... I cannot get it working. I apologize...

Just to make fun I want to tell my close friend John just asked me if I know the difference between hysterical reasons and historical reasons. Yes, I know what it means. I just like playing with words, but I know I am handicaped in german and english.... Whenever I try, you just think I am mistaking ;-))))

Anyway, it is almost nine o'clock now, I really should go home now...


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I removed the last names in this post

28/10/05 07:43  

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