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16 November 2005

Big city

As requested, I will do some swiss geography today ;-)

I am now working in my company, LC Systems, in Thurgau. Thurgau is a large canton in switzerland. There is also Zurich, where I do live, with over 1 million people, Basel, which is divided in two half-cantons, Basel-City and Basel-Campaign, and Bern, where the governement resides, and also Geneva, where I was born, and quite famous because of the many international organisation like the United Nations, the World Health Organisation, the International Labor Organisation and a few others.

Well, yesterday I was in Frauenfeld, which is the biggest city of Thurgau, with more than 20'000 people. No no, it is no joke, I did not mean 20 millions, it is no mistake of mine! I had a beer with a collegue. When we arrived in the pub, he first met a school friend at the table next to our. Than the people at our table hear about that and asked he would not be the son of Rolf (of course he was), and on the other table he met an other school friend. Nothing to do with the big city where you never know the people when you go to restaurant. Anyway, after a few gallons of refreshment, a policeman stopped me because I was walking on the road. Incredible. Of course my friend knew him, because his previous girlfriend lost his bag one day and he already stopped him because he was ridding mountain bike on a road where traffic is prohibided. I just had to laugh. This guy was not even working! He was just going home with his sport car, and found that, as a policeman, he was allowed to make me a comment! What a Moron !

Anyway, I am now in my office, with a beautifoul seesight. The office is located about 5 meters next to the lake of Constance (that is why my company is called LC, Lake of Constance), and I can see Germany from here when the weather is better than today. The lake is actually located between Germany, Austria and Switerland. It is quite big, about 540 km2. The biggest here is the lake of Geneva. Located between France and Switzerland. The largest 100% swiss is the lake of Neuchâtel.

In our small country, one of the smallest in Europa -apart from micro-country like Vatican or Monaco- we have the largest lakes and some of the highest mountains of Europa.

I feel that I must publish a picture today :

Well, I just googled to find this one. I may remove the link above one day.

Ok, today I am trying to install Oracle Internet Directory (LDAP). I finished unzipping the files and will start installing soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Laurent,
Thank you for your geography lesson.
Just one little thing, the Lake of Geneva is actually called 'Leman Lake' officially on all maps.
It does host Geneva on its shores but also lots of other cities e.g. Lausanne and many Swiss and French towns.
Claire Kehoe

24/5/06 11:56  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

this is not 100% correct (and I am quite certain, I have made all my studies in Geneva)...
In French, it is called "Lac Léman". Ok, in Geneva, we call it sometimes "Lac de Genève", but this is an abuse!

But in foreign languages, it is called Lake of Geneva. Lake Leman is in my opinion an innacurate translation.

Same for the Lake of Constance. It is is called Lake of Constance in foreign languages, but in german, it is named Bodensee

25/5/06 22:17  
Anonymous sunny said...

And I'm fond of the biggest cities. I love the lifestyle of the big city. It's full of energy!

5/2/08 20:10  

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