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24 October 2006

OOW 2K6 day 1

I tried to watch the keynotes yesterday, but it is just to difficult to sit and not sleep for me... so I have seen only a few minutes of each one.

The PL/SQL 11g session was excellent, I wrote an overview in a separate post.

I started the afternoon with APC session, about the importance of testing and the power of the utPLSQL package. He presented that methodology and also the concept of testing. Fixing a bug at the development stage is fine, fixing it in production is very costly. I resume the method in those steps. First, checkout your package and your testing procedure. Second, modify your package. Never commit before testing. Improve your tests. Finally, commit your changes in both the source and the tests. APC was somehow unlucky with a laggy sql-developer and an unregistered textpad. Thanks Andrew for this presentation.

Than I went to Tom Kyte session about the worst things to do. Instead of telling what to do, Tom ironised on what we Should Always Do. He started with The Experts Are Always Right. Funny presentation, lots of laugh in the audience. I have meet Ken Jacobs during Tom Session. A good moment.

I have been to the exhibition hall, and I talked to the egenera team about RAC on BladeFrame and will go to the session S283094 on Wednesday.


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