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22 October 2006

Arrived in SF

After a long long flight via London I finally arrived to San Francisco. I though the journey was finished, but no, it was not.

First, I took a supershuttle. The driver just confused the accelarator with the brake and damaged three vans. The motor started burning and the passagers, me included, had to exit asap. Hopefuly, nobody got injured, the baggage was safe and I found an other drive, which brings be in about one hour to the fishermanns wharf.

As if this was not enough, the reservation for my room apparently did not work, and the hotel was full. So I had to go to another hotel.

After that I thought about eating some fish at the wharf. As soon as I started my beer, I noticed the big rats under the table. So I changed place and order some calamar in a restaurant


Blogger Thomas Kyte said...

Welcome to San Francisco :)

Wow, hope my trip is better!

22/10/06 11:39  

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