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20 October 2006

apply CPUOct2006

I downloaded the CPUOct2006 patch for and applied it successfully to my database.

SQL> select action,id,comments from dba_registry_history;
------ ---------- ----------
CPU 5490848 CPUOct2006

in the logfile, apart from a few ignorable ORA-02303: cannot drop or replace a type with type or table dependents errors, everything went fine.

Applying the security patch shortly after they are released is in my opinion a good practice, because a fix could sometimes reverse-engineered to reveal the bug.

Tomorrow afternoon I flight via London to SF for OOW2006. I am quite unhappy about not taking my notebook, my phone, not even a book or a SuDoKu in the plane :-( Well, I hope BA will not refuse to serve me wine this time as Delta did last year


Blogger Nicolas Gasparotto said...

Have a nice week to SF Laurent !

20/10/06 15:08  

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