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19 July 2006

bughouse tournament

I will be playing the The Geneva Bughouse Gathering 2006 tournament on Sat 19th August 2006. It is a variant of chess, very wild, played with four players in teams of two. The photo on my profile has been taken in the 2005 edition.


Blogger Vadim Bobrov said...

Hi Laurent,

I am Vadim Bobrov, from Thanks for your suggestion on oraqa about how to get the value of ORACLE_HOME, I wasnt' aware of this. It appears we share some common interests :-). How about a game of chess?

25/7/06 18:15  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

for sure :-) do you play on icc?

25/7/06 22:12  
Blogger Vadim Bobrov said...

just subscribed, having looked at your blog :-), my nick is vadimbobrov. (also my email is vadimbobrov_at_gmail_dot_com). btw, I have also worked in Zuerich for a while, beautiful town. Hope I can still squeeze out a couple of words in Schweizer Tuetsch

26/7/06 10:34  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

ok, I can play in the swiss evening, so maybe 22:00 swiss time which is, I think, 16:00 in NY !?
my email is accessible from my profile, and is laurentschneider_at_yahoo_dot_com

26/7/06 13:34  

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