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30 May 2006

Oracle 7 Apero

Today we definitely shutdown our last productive Oracle7 database. Quite good news actually, I can now use set newp none, sqlplus "/ as sysdba" in all my scripts, svrmgrl is no longer needed (well, sometimes in 8i to do abort, but this is rare), and we garbage a hudge bin of reference manuals and cds!

And it is a good atmosphere, we talk about the good old time and this long life with no support and no change.

We have about 20% Oracle8i, 70% Oracle9i and 10% Oracle10g right now.


Blogger Peter K said...

Hmmm...we are not there yet. We still have about 4 O7 production dbs but we are getting there to 9i and 10g.

31/5/06 01:33  
Anonymous Orafad said...

Hey, hey, wait a minute. Is it a good old O'reilly copy I spot in that paper bin? Shouldnt you keep a special place on the top shelf for those? :)

14/9/06 10:31  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

you are right, it was an Oracle 6 Performance Tuning book from Mark Gurry and Peter Corrigan, with an overview of Oracle7 new features.

Painfull to throw this one away... very painfull !

14/9/06 10:54  

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