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24 September 2005

home sweet home

I had a very long travel. the queue for checking was even longer (in time) than the one for larry ellison and this SFO airport is terribly badly organised...

The seats in the economy classes were ridiculously small, just impossible to sit correctly. I arrived on time in Atlanta. But then the troubles begin. Wrong plane waiting on the wrong gate, baggage container electric door defect on the new assigned airplane, which took about one hour to close in Atlanta, and one hour to open at sf. Not too mention the hot cup of tea the stewardess put on my jeans. In zurich, 2 hours late, I took the wrong train and finally exited in the middle of nowhere and took a taxi to come back home.

Well, completely tired, but so happy to see my family ! Well, it is 19:36 localtime, 10:36 pacific time, kids just do not want to sleep.


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