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21 September 2005

tom session + blogger dinner

What a queue for Tom Kyte session! 1000 persons have attended, and apparently a lot more had to wait outside. Very interresting. I am especially seduced by the Online Transportable Tablespace, it was SO BAD to make the tablespaces readonly before transport. I got my signed copy of his book :-)
In the afternoon, I was too much dead to assist some session, so I visited the exhibitors and will come home with plenty of gifts for Dora and Loïc - what a pain to type the ï on an american keyboard, but alt-139 does the trick.
Than OTN/lounge, with a dozen of fans we had the opportunity to ask questions to tom.
On the evening, we had the blogger dinner. I particullary appreciated! Even if I have a terrible french accent, I have been able to chat with my neighbours. The food was good, apart from the sorbet, but the way I pronounced "sorbet" was apparently very amusing!


Blogger Tom Best said...

Well, we Americans *think* we are saying it the way the French would. Maybe we're getting it wrong? :-)

21/9/05 20:24  
Blogger Robert Vollman said...

"sorbay", no?

21/9/05 23:00  
Blogger Housing Boom Gone Bust said...

Yes, yes!

16/9/06 03:00  

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