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22 September 2005

double party

What a show! I have been waiting about 1 hour to come in to show larry. I think it was a good one. But I am not a big fan of keynotes. He answered questions after his talk, a few of them were interressant :
- how do you license multicore cpu?
Larry just answered the way Oracle does licensing is not the correct way, he would prefer a license proportional to the size and the revenue of the company (will a very poor company get everything almost free or does oracle want to earn more from the big companies?). Well, the "processor" license question has not been answered
- how do you see your chance in the cup of america?
well, larry, say what you like, you have NO CHANCE against Switzerland !
- Why is oracle support is taking so long time to understand my iTar?
Larry proposed the woman to write him a note. The question was definitely tricky, and he did not too bad, but the problem remains...

Without pause, I went to Bryn session about PL/SQL. Impressed but too tired to understand everything.

I have been playing a few games in OTN. Than I went to Oreilly and Steven Party to drink a few beers and meet very interresting people. I talked and got great hints from Mark Gurry. I have played -and lost- five games of pool with the people there.

Later I went to the big party. I walked until market with Bryn, asked him to explain me some details about his session, than took a taxi to peer 32. The fireworks were beautifoul, it was very crowdy, and I had a nice talk with a fireworks engineer ;-) I took a bus which dropped me somewhere between the 7th and Market at midnight, I meet bruce lee with a flashing sun microsystems badge in the hotel lift, which did not appreciate me much, but I managed to come safe home.


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