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10 November 2006

track comments

This is a goodie : you can monitor comments on a blog article. Then all the new comments can be sent by mail or RSS feed.

Check, you can then add a button to your browser to monitor an article for comments


Blogger Sue said...

aah, fab! Thanks for this. On Blogger I don't have an issue, because I have each comment sent to my mail box. Not a problem, I don't get many comments at all, but I need it for here ...

Have you tried it? Does it work for comments posted on old entries too?


10/11/06 17:36  
Blogger Eddie Awad said...

I use coComment. It is especially useful when you want to track the comments you leave on other blogs.

10/11/06 19:23  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

sue: yes, I tried it, but especially usefull for comments I want to monitor on someone else blog. Still you can monitor all your all posts too. Nice pictures by the way!

eddie: it seems similar, I registered to that one too

10/11/06 21:53  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

cocomment has my preference!

17/11/06 13:19  

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