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28 October 2006

London Airport

I just arrived at London. I was in the same plane as Mark Rittman and now I have to wait for my flight to Zurich.

On thursday after the Wrap's party I went to China Town with Henry, and I finally entered the very close american xiangqi federation. I signed up for a free account at Not an easy task ! there is not a single word in english in this site, and yesterday I tried on my notebook, but I do not have the chinese fonts installed, so it is quite a nightmare to download/register/login, but it is a good site, with tens of thousand of people online.

Ok. I will download the Oracle Enterprise Linux soon. It is actually a RedHat clone, as Whitebox, and I read on CNET that it may not be certified as RedHat for non-oracle products. If Oracle patches the kernel, you may lose the certification by other vendors, like Cisco or Checkpoint.

Also it reminds me the Sun Linux 2.0 initiative. A complete flop. Sun tried to tune RedHat on the LX50 blade, and finally the version of RedHat was so old (I think it was RedHat5, 2 Releases before the current one), that very few customers followed the trend.

Still I will wait a few months/years to see the market acceptance. Guess this announcement is going to make the Linux world more competitive :-)


Blogger William Robertson said...

fyi, we have more than one airport for London ;)

28/10/06 16:43  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

I was in Heathrow ;-)

29/10/06 11:17  

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