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09 November 2006

How To Add The Domain Name Of The Host To Name Of The Agent

I have been looking for this note for ages : Metalink note 295949.1

Now I know how to rename my targets in Grid Control! the trick is to stop the agent
AH/emctl stop agent
to remove the upload and state files/subdirectories

cd AH/sysman/emd
find state upload recv agntstmp.txt lastupld.xml protocol.ini -type f -exec rm {} \;
rm -r state/*

to remove the agent in the grid

col TARGET_TYPE for a17
col TARGET_NAME for a60
set lin 100 pages 0 emb on newp none head on autop on
where TARGET_TYPE='oracle_emd'
order by TARGET_NAME;
var target_name varchar2(40)
prompt Enter the target_name to delete
exec :target_name:='&TARGET_NAME';if (:target_name is not null) then mgmt_admin.cleanup_agent(:target_name); end if

to edit the targets.xml
vi AG/sysman/emd/targets.xml ### Get the source of the traditional vi
to rename your targets (listener, host, db),

and restart your agent
AH/emctl start agent


Anonymous Alex Gorbachev said...

That's cool indeed. Thanks.

9/11/06 18:18  
Anonymous Steve Karam said...

Great tip on a common problem!

12/11/06 23:42  

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