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20 August 2006

Lake of Geneva

Lake of Geneva
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Originally uploaded by laurentschneider. Dora driving an electric boat !


Blogger Clemens Utschig - Utschig said...

nice to see a pic where I worked so long - my office had a nice view on the lake and the old town ..
greets clemens

21/8/06 09:54  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

:-) I was born in Geneva

21/8/06 10:45  
Blogger dwai said...

Lac LĂ©man--- reminds me of montreaux on a sunday...sigh...

21/8/06 17:01  
Anonymous Apple said...

Bonjour, Dora! Ca va? J'espere que tu es bien. That view is fantastic! Regardez le ciel!

23/8/06 07:09  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Had me thinking about Lake Geneva in Wisconsin in the US...


30/8/06 17:46  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

Strange habit from the American people to borrow European names ;-)
thanks for the link

30/8/06 17:51  

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