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16 August 2006

blogger beta nightmare

Do not switch to blogger beta. It failed, and everything is corrupted on my page, I cannot fix it yet (this message will probably only be readable as feed). Take care!


Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

I got my posts back! This is a very good news, sincere thanks to the blogger support team for having fixed that... I will still wait a little bit more before switching to beta again, but I am so impatient to discover the new features

16/8/06 21:54  
Blogger Nicolas Gasparotto said...

>>I got my posts back
Good news Laurent, ouf...

16/8/06 23:05  
Blogger Ananth said...

I got my posts back!

So have you switched back to old blogger again? It was mentioned in the beta registration page that we can't do that.

17/8/06 10:58  
Blogger A. B. Chairiet said...

I was so excited about switching to Beta, but now I'm just plain scared.

I found your site by doing a search on the Beta...

I'm glad you got your posts back. :)

Hi and Happy Thursday,
~ Ash

17/8/06 11:16  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

I do not know if I am in blogger or blogger beta, but after this sudden posts disparition, I rather do not touch anything...

Thanks for your support,

17/8/06 13:30  

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