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30 January 2006

raptor early adopter release 3.1 is out

raptor product page

I have not checked the differences with 3.0 yet, probably bug fixes with "do not save passwords"


Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

the UserReports.xml are no longer in jdev/bin but now in a NT specific directory (with user preferences)... totally annoying to me :-(

30/1/06 11:27  
Blogger APC said...

I think I may skip this release. The EA drops are coming so fast that it seems we barely have time to de-install the previous one and install the new before OTN has the next one.

30/1/06 15:59  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

and, as I reported on the raptor forum, not only the userreports are not located at the same place, but they are also not compatible (3.1 does not accept blank descriptions...)

Until now, I see only degradation in 3.1, but this is pure hazard, you know what I mean!

30/1/06 16:11  

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