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26 January 2006

raptor early adopter release 3 is out

This is THE release I have been waiting for, a raptor which does NOT save the password on your local PC. Save a password, even encrypted, on you local PC allows every one with physical access to your PC to get access to your productive database, which may be high-secured and with controlled physical access.

Download immediatly on otn !


Blogger Tim... said...

Not so fast.

A numberof old bugs have been reintroduced. The SQL Formatter doesn't work and the PL/SQL debugger seems to have gone on holiday. Not quite the improvement I was hoping for :(



26/1/06 15:47  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

well, it is still not a production release, but at least it usable in our environment :-)

thanks for your comment

26/1/06 18:59  
Anonymous George said...

I set the preference to not save passwords, but I was not prompted for password when opening the connection after I shutdwon and restart raptor.

Looked at IDEConnections.xml, password is there (encrypted, of course).

Is it the same with you?

26/1/06 21:02  

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