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08 December 2005

Tom Kyte Day 2

Today I asked : "Is it the responsability of the developper to create the table structure?"

The answer was something like that :
"You have four kind of persons.
- You have the Oracle6 DBA, who says always NO
- You have the Developer, who does not care about database
- You have the DBA/Developer, who understand the logical structures like IOT/Hash Cluster
- You have the Developer/DBA, who understand the database
In a perfect world, the Developer/DBA choose the table at design time and the DBA/Developer inform the developer about the database capabilities.
If you have a developer and a dba/developer, the dba/developer can reorganize the table as a tuning action."

After, Tom talked about sql technics, show a few examples about "CONNECT BY" without prior generating rows, a pipelined table. Very interesting examples, with a few keyword like FIRST_VALUE and IGNORE NULLS that I have never used before.

Later in the afternoon, he starts talking about binding. Difficult topic, I was almost going to sys.dbms_lock.sleep at the end of the day.

We are a bit late on the program, probably too many questions, palindnilap and myself feel a bit bored about one person always asking a lot of question mostly off topic about experiences he had but nobody cares of...

Well, I am impatient about day three, it is going to be intense, read-write consistency among others themas.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


While Tom was in Zurich saying these things, I was in Tallinn saying pretty much the same to a roomful of Estonians.

The way I put it was that the good developer is in the better position to know how the data is arriving and how it will be used; the good DBA will know why certain mechanical features of the database are useful for particular types of activity. Between them they should be able to work out the best choice of features at the time the system is being designed. It's not something that the DBA should be making guesses about after the event.

Jonathan Lewis

10/12/05 21:30  

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