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29 November 2005

dinner with Tom Kyte in Zurich

Next wednesday, Dec 7th, starts the Tom Kyte workshop in Zurich.

In the evening we will have a dinner in Zurich.

Drop me a comment if you intend to come !


Blogger Marc Soth said...

Hi Laurent,
I'll attend at the dinner and thank's a lot for the inventation.

I'm looking forward for the dinner



29/11/05 16:16  
Anonymous palindnilap said...

I'll be there too !

See you soon,


29/11/05 16:42  
Anonymous Leo Mannhart said...

I'll be there. (where?)

Cheers, Leo

30/11/05 12:16  
Blogger Laurent Schneider said...

As I wrote you per mail, the dinner is on Thursday not on Wednesday

1/12/05 17:35  

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